8 SEO Mistakes Weakening Your Google Ranking in 2022 and Beyond


In the online world, optimizing your website for SEO and to get ranked on search engines can be a tough business. We see constant development and regular updates in algorithms, and SEO trends. An SEO Service provider helps you implement an SEO strategy to optimize your site.

If you are looking to update your site with SEO or if you are struggling to get your website rank on Google, These 8 mistakes will help you lead the way.

There are some frequent mistakes that have been given the right way to avoid and not limit your web optimization success.


For over a decade now, SEO has shown its importance in terms of optimizing the site and ranking in search engines.

It is one of the powerful tools that is required to apply regularly for organic traffic and especially to reach your targeted audience. Sometimes you will find it difficult but that will save your business and take you above the competition.

Every business needs an SEO strategy that increases search traffic, and SEO service in India is the ideal option for excellent execution. You can get more visitors and thus customers with the right set of SEO practices. If you someone optimizing your business site or attempting to diagnose for the first time, digital marketing agency India can help you grow.

Let’s see 8 SEO mistakes to avoid and improve your site’s ranking in 2022 and beyond.

 Your target keyword is not in your domain or subdomain

We know the importance of keywords and keyword phrases. But one must not add the search-based keywords in the site domain or subdomain.

As per the Backlinko study, 55% of websites ignore the domain name as a space for keywords. That’s a big mistake! So, while checking the website or if you are developing a fresh website, keep keywords apart from domain space. Some keywords can fall anywhere outside of your domain and subdomains and you can use them in your heading, content, and also ensure it is included in the URL structure.

It is also seen that people use keywords in domain try to hurt their business with a big loss. Exact match domains might not the right thing to do as they will not be considered to build a website or SEO strategy.

You’re not writing enough quality content

When it comes to information and website content, remember it is the key to getting your customers on board.

I have seen the majority of the business ignore the content and offer irrelevant and invalid content. If you are looking for a successful website, along with SEO, content is the real king. You can beat the competition by offering valuable content that educates the user about your product and services.

Keywords, meta description, headings, SEO-friendly, and providing the right set of information are the key elements of quality content. We know Google algorithm rules and to make it worth crawling, creating quality content for your users will maintain and improve your site position.

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You don’t have an optimized image on your page

Whether you’re looking to develop your website or need to optimize the existing website, you need to optimize the images for the Google algorithm. Before we see, why image optimization is necessary let’s see why it is essential.

There are three main factors that work behind the image optimization of your website.

  • It consists of resizing images that also maintains the image quality,
  • It will assist you in Google rankings for your desired keywords,
  • It will help optimize the image for search engines with relevant keywords.

Most of your users will first see the image and glance at its relevance rather than visiting the whole website. Optimized images make your site brand present better as it makes sure that all these images are optimized for search.

It is also suggested to add an alt attribute of 100 characters or less with your image tag and make it more visible. It will help you add relevant text for the image on your site, hence giving extra valuable information to Google.

You haven’t secured your website with HTTPS or SSL

Every business site is required to ensure both your site and all related content are served with a secured connection to access a website using HTTPS.

So, when you are providing site security, there is a communication between your visitors and your site which is encrypted. To guarantee that no third party can access the data you must go through secured SSL and its personal information.

  • Secured HTTPS will improve website security.
  • Also gives your high ranking chances as Google will boost search rankings for SSL certificates.

The size of your business site is not a concern when you are implementing secure HTTPS. Setting up an SSL or HTTPS secure connection is all you need before your website goes online in the market.

Your page load speed is too slow

When it comes to the speed of the website, no bars should be left unchecked to measure and take accurate actions.

Page speed helps you know how quickly your site content load on a website. One of the critical factors for Google and website SEO to rank your site pages is page load speed.

Every other website on Goole first rank ensures the speed of the pages for its ranking factor. Whether it’s desktop or mobile, website speed is important.

Your visitors will bounce to competitors leaving your site if it will not load in less time. The study says 4% of users will wait more than 3 seconds for a site to load.

Page load speed is something in your hand where you can make your site load faster through changing your code, video files, image size, and more.

Your bounce rate is too high

Bounce rate has a huge negative impact on your website. We have come across multiple sites where everything is good but visitors are not converting due to the high bounce rate.

Now and then you must check your website’s bounce rate and measure what is required to change. See the ration of visitors and how may leave the sire in a few minutes.

If the website bounce rate is high, it’s not visitors are not coming but they find something not pleasing and leave the site. Users must find what are looking for and make them stay, you need good images, quality content, and a user-friendly site. Add faqs to your website and service pages answering all service or product-based answers that users regularly search on Google.

Your content is not optimized for your target keywords

Content is what needs continuous updating. Business needs to offer high-quality and keyword-based content. Optimizing content is the key here to beat your competitor and stay top in the market.

Even if you do rank highly, there are changes to fall your content is unpleasant or lacking the keywords. You are offering for the targeted audience and they must find what they are looking for. Choosing a digital marketing company is the best option when it comes to website SEO and marketing.

Keyword research and analysis of keywords for their right usage is important to define your target audience. Customizing content and offering the right information are ruling the site these days. You can use tools like SEMrush for keywords and content topics by implementing search volume, CPC, and competition metrics.

You have duplicate content on your page

If you are redesigning your site, give priority to content. Remove the duplicate content if any.

For new website development, it’s suitable to first list out the content task and develop the quality content.

Duplicate content will give you a penalty and Goole will not crawl your content. Get your content audit done well because when your website will live, users will read the content to get relevant services.

Duplicate content might confuse search engines and definitely harm your website. Even you may not able to get chances of ranking your site on SERPs.

And, if you are planning to re-publish your old site, ensure to change the URL for one that already exists. And also don’t use post redirects for new URLs. It is harmful to your site and always uses 301 redirects old URLs to new ones whenever possible. SEO Service India will help you assist with SEO strategy and content optimization to get your website ranked on Google.


SEO Strategy plays a key role as we have gone through. You can avoid all 8 mistakes to make your website strong and Google-ready.


Before launching the website, one must go through all measures and check the SEO factors. In the competitive market, it is highly recommended to follow SEO steps and implement a digital marketing strategy that will help your business grow. Contact us for SEO services and to redesign your website.


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