Top 9 Enterprise SEO Site structure: Essential Optimizations


For planning an SEO-friendly enterprise-level site structure and implementing an SEO governance plan, you need Digital Marketing Company India for site optimization.

Site structure is important on its own for any business that needs SEO services. But using essential optimizations for the website goes well beyond traditional SEO.

A business must choose an SEO professional and digital marketing agency that knows the narrow points of your website and use it well to offer an optimized site.

What is Enterprise SEO?

First, let’s see what enterprise SEO is all about? Enterprise SEO doesn’t break itself from any type of SEO but it helps you identify your goal to offer a well-optimized site for better Google ranking.

Your organization’s goal here is to get more visitors and high-rank content for high-value keywords on Google that bring organic traffic.

You will come across some strategies but the only thing important is to work around your content and conduct keyword research. Eliminating technical SEO issues is the key when it comes to Enterprise SEO.

It helps create valuable SEO content and optimize it for your target search keywords to create links and boost your enterprise website.

  • Here, you are doing SEO for an Enterprise level site.
  • Enterprise SEO needs a special strategy for web pages.

As per Martin MacDonald, one of the authorities stated on the topic that, “800-pound gorilla which is, you know, a website that might have ten million or fifty million pages.

So an Enterprise Website has a huge number of products, service pages, portfolios, and other assets to be monitored and optimized. Thus, all the common problems that a site faces are different from your Enterprise websites. It can be technical SEO issues, crawling issues, content issues, and maybe indexing gets magnified to an unbelievable level.

Tips for any Enterprise site to create a future-driven structure:


Keep SEO Governance In Place:- 

It can be massive, yes for an Enterprise SEO, you need to evaluate more.

The majority of the time, marketing experts are managing the content marketing tools, ads, campaigns, and SEO for multiple places.

You should keep the SEO rules in mind and for Enterprise level sites, social media is the key when doing site SEO.

So, a top digital marketing company can help you get the SEO governance in place for your Enterprise SEO optimization.

Perform SEO Governance

This is one of the huge steps you implement SEO Governance to help your business with both B2B and B2C growth.

Every enterprise should first work on an SEO governance plan to set rules and processes in place and evaluate further SEO Strategies.

It will help you with:

  • Launching in many countries without fighting issues.
  • Implement controls over various URLs and not everyone can change vital pages.
  • Help you lessen the risk of multiple teams working against each other.
  • Help in keyword targeting for better ranking.
  • Also, give consistency over multiple websites.

Optimizing the Site’s Architecture:

Sites’ architecture will help you get the pages and website offering in a well-organized way.

To rank your content on Google, it is important that Google can find all your content systematically. The search engine requirement should be well followed and also the content must be easy to read and access to crawling and indexing those pages.

For your site architecture, you have to do the optimization of your website by building a well-thought site architecture. It must show your well-organized content to reach inside the designated crawling.

These can create challenges even for SEOs who have to deal with hundreds of pages and have not worked for Enterprise-level sites. Here, you need to optimize the large-scale site architecture to cover more than hundreds of products and assets to guarantee the crawlability and indexability of all the pages.

So, an essential part of your SEO optimization for an enterprise is to build the site architecture and provide a complete internal linking strategy making sure to get full indexation of content.

Conducting Focused Topic and Keyword Research:-

Keyword research is one of the most fundamental search engine optimization exercises that one must perform.

For the sites’ organic traffic, Enterprise must focus to analyse the topics that your audience is looking for. By identifying the right keywords and search queries that your buyers use to be the topics of business.

Always use keywords that are the intent behind each search. So, keyword research is your final gate to keep your audience visiting you and attract to the site.

For Google, the right set of keywords that are relevant to your site are very important for the information it shows. You need to create a roadmap to put your brand and content along its journey.

  • In realistic phrases, keyword research requires recognizing high-value keywords to generate content and make the websites visible to the target audience.

However, for enterprise SEO, you have to set all the activities in a huge number of search phrases based on your website. The search query is important in that you can evaluate how users are searching on Google and that can be your keyword phrase to reach customers across the globe.

Leading SEO agency India and top digital marketing agency will help you get the right set of keywords for Google rank including a list for keyword research.

Competitive Research:- 

Competitive research is a well-known SEO strategy that helps you win at enterprise SEO. I will keep track of all your competitors and let you know the steps they took. Overall, you can evaluate your strategy by analyzing your competitor’s steps and taking your next move effectively.

It will also help you grow search visibility and understand market trends to drive you better results.

For defined competitive research, understanding your actual competitors and competitive analysis is required to recognize what specific keywords or topics drive the success.

While conducting a competitive analysis, you will recognize who you’re competing with Google, and what steps will take you ahead with the help of chosen phrases to identify new opportunities.

The benefits of conducting competitor keyword research take you high in competition and help you reach the target audience.

  • Examining competitors’ keywords will support you in better understanding how customers search for related products.
  • It will assist you in identifying new possible initiatives.
  • You will know significant marketing steps, a long-form content guide, how to create keywords, and more for domain-specific topics.
  • During the analysis process, you might also spot content gaps. This will be huge low-hanging profits to drive your business ahead.
  • Analyzing competitors’ strategies can share many link-building chances to recreate and use to outrank others.

Writing SEO Content:- 

Content is the king and I will say the backbone of a website’s SEO strategies. Your user will first read the content and will visit the website so the content must be relevant and valuable.

Writing SEO content must consist of creating content, editing content, optimizing the content as per SEO needs to prioritize user experience.

Valuable content must be well structured and include the right keywords so the search queries can relate it when a user searches for a relevant product or service.

-> Enterprise Content is essential for the process of creating an SEO-focused content marketing strategy. It will help you drive huge traffic organically.

Developing SEO-optimized content is quite more than the usual content of the website as in includes,

  • relevant keywords
  • user-friendly words,
  • value-added information,
  • description,
  • meta tags, and more.

To design a well-optimized and appropriate piece of content, you must focus on target audience needs and how users are searching for the information. Leverage the optimized content service with SEO benefits from top digital marketing firm India.

Research well before designing and writing the Enterprise content and make sure to follow the structure of the piece to incorporate what Google considers to match the user’s intent. To get SEO-relevant content potential, research for the keywords and do competitors analysis.

Technical SEO :- 

Websites develop naturally once you set the SEO optimization and content. Next comes the technical SEO because without solving the technical SEO, your website may harm the ranking and overall online business.

As a result, if technical issues might arise, a professional SEO expert will. help you solve it. It is necessary to block search engine crawlers from accessing and crawling fault site’s content or block your efforts.

In general, the majority of the site may have issues that you might face. Whereas Technical SEO is a huge phase to implement and check all SEO factors and make search engine optimization ready.

-> It helps you identify and solve those issues before they create difficulties for your Enterprise website.

SEO-friendly Pagination :- 

Pagination is important as the name suggests, it is to organize your page number-wise. r larger Enterprise with a huge number of products and service pages, pagination plays a key role to categorize the products with 100+ pages.

A few things to consider here are:

  • Decrease your use of JavaScript.
  • Stay consistent with your website flow.
  • Display all products on a page when it doesn’t impact load time.
  • Canonicalize any copy pages, like /product/ same content.
  • Deoptimize pages after page 1 if you don’t want those pages to appear in Google.

Also, you must spend time on the site’s pagination and maintain uniformity for all related sites under the enterprise’s control.


Sitemaps are not new when it comes to Website optimization but it is one of the essential parts.

Some enterprise sites will never transfer their ends, whereas others will leave them. What you can do is to split up sitemaps required and as the size of the website to avoid running the limits fixed by Google:

  • No sitemap should be 50MB or more decompressed.
  • No sitemap can hold 50,000 or more URLs.

Some of the websites are easy to arrange sites that may reach the limits where you could break the sitemap into smaller chunks based on category.

Link Building:- 

With my experience, I came across many sites and see people not focusing on Link building as a priority. For SEO strategy, link building is as valuable as and it helps to get your audience visibility.

With link building, you will get a high domain ranking and you can beat the competition in your niche.

-> A good number of new links will help you reach more audiences and increase website visibility.

Next, you should regularly observe and analyze your link profile even though to ensure no potentially harmful links pointing to the domain. Google penalty will link these unless you deny them, so it is a good practice to follow.

By analyzing and monitoring the external links, link-building will support you boost search visibility by:

  • Know which sections of the site attract the most links.
  • Which ones are underlined?
  • It will also help you rank for an Enterprise website high in Google through high-value keywords.
  • Recognize potential warnings in your link profile.
  • Evaluate the overall quality of your link profile, and compare it with competitors.

Link building means concentrating on different strategies that will help your website reach more audiences every month. From building linkable assets naturally to using outreach to ensure link positions on third-party sites.

Essential Takeaways:

  • In digital marketing, SEO is one of the most important elements.
  • For Enterprise SEO, optimizing content, technical SEO, and ranking a large-scale website is the key.
  • Enterprise SEO involves the same strategies as other types of SEO, but they are on a larger scale with a considerable difference.
  • The main components of enterprise SEO are generating strong site architecture, keyword research, link building, technical SEO, competitive research, SEO content writing, and more.
  • To deliver results, you must hire an SEO expert of a digital marketing agency for platform-specific SEO.





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