What are the top SEO tips for real estate business in 2019 and beyond?


Real estate search engine optimization tips for agents is should deprive as the challenge in the business of the real estate is high fir online and offline due to the increase in competition.

Each real estate professional is doing SEO for their sites and it turned into an extreme assignment to stand out from the gathering. Beforehand, it was difficult to do a real estate SEO and get positioned in google results, yet with the adjustments in Google calculation and a huge number of articles distributed each day, the challenge is high.

In this circumstance, to get into the highest point of SERPs is a major test. The most ideal approach to expand your permeability is to initially concentrate on real estate SEO tips for realtors. Once, you get nearby nearness at that point, over the long haul, you can cover the whole advertising. First, let us understand what is real estate SEO is all about.

What is Real Estate SEO?

It is a process of getting targeted traffic to your real estate website from the organic search results. Yes, indeed a long-term process to have organic traffic but it is worth to wait for an amazing result when a user searches for the appropriate keywords.

Real estate SEO is categorized into two categories

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

Why Real Estate SEO?

As per the statistics, 90% of property purchasers are utilizing the web, and 53% of them do google search with certain keywords dependent on their region.

-> The natural pursuit conceals to 95% of all online traffic and jumping on the principal page first outcome will bring you a 34.36% active clicking factor for work area and 35% for portable. As per the measurements, you are influencing your rivalry by loosing your organic leads.

Now the days are gone to follow the traditional techniques of real estate SEO for your site. For the best outcome & to be in the Google rank, you have to execute your site well that the user can notice easily.

By implementing other real estate advertising techniques like paid Ads, content, realistic image, social media and more can help you get an audience and ultimately leads for that specific period. In any case, you will get organic traffic to your website with off-page real estate SEO.

Here are some real estate SEO marketing tips:

Build a Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Website

With the increase in mobile usage people directly searches on their mobile phone and Google moved towards mobile-first indexing. It means even Google started considering the mobile view of websites to rank websites in SERP.

  • 58% of users found properties on the mobile device
  • 89% of users for a new home do mobile searches
  • 14 % of users found real estate agents on a mobile device.

You can even do a mobile-friendly test of your website from this tool.

SEO-Friendly URL Structure

  • Keep your URL as short as possible with a meaning.
  • Use focus keywords in your URL.
  • Structure URL should be in a logical flow from domain to category and subcategory.
  • Do not use clumsy words in a URL.
  • Do not use conjunctions and prepositions in the URL.
  • Your URL should even show the context of the content.
  • Use static URLs with a logical flow and descriptive keywords.

Optimize your Real Estate Website

Keyword research assumes an essential job in land SEO to advance your site in SERPs. Choosing the correct watchwords for your land business is compulsory. You can do watchword investigate through different online instruments accessible on the web.

Long-tail keywords: It comprises of a gathering of 3-5 words. It portrays precisely what data the group of spectators needs, for instance, “Web optimization for land sites”.

Short-tail keywords: This is typically a single word that depicts the general view, for instance, “real estate agents”.

Medium-tail keywords: It comprises of 2-3 words in a catchphrase which indicates something, for instance, “Website optimization for Realtors”, “land SEO”.

Every one of these keywords has their one of a kind qualities that can help you in various conditions to complete land SEO successfully. Nearby keywords will work best for when you’re into real estate business.

Keyword Placement

Once you are done with the types of keywords to be rank for in SERP, its time to create a page/blog for every keyword. It is necessary to place them well before google crawl it. You should place focus and most searched keywords on every page in these areas: Title, URL, Page content, Image ALT texts, and Meta description.

Optimization of Image

Optimization of an image can help to improve site loading speed, reduces page load speed, improve keyword performance as well and boost your website visibility.

  • Make use of JPEG’s format images on the real estate website
  • Write ALT text of images in a way that describes the purpose of an image.
  • To increase the loading speed of the page, reduce the size of a file
  • Relevant images are what matters the most rather than often used stock images.
  • Image sitemap helps to improve on Google crawling.
  • Create Twitter Cards as a social media activity and Open Graph for social shares.

Get Your Real Estate Business into Google

Yes, it is very important to register your business on Google. So, firstly after you are done with your website, focus on Google platforms: Google My Business and Google Maps.

You have to list your business here in these two to increase your visibility in SERP. Google checks the site and matches as per the standards of Google guidelines such as page rank, DA, and age of the website, quality content, real estate SEO and other factors as well. While creating your Google My Business Account, you should be careful filling the details because it’s hard to change the details once you claim for your business.

Business Directories & Listings Submissions

The next step is registering on real estate directories & listings for the awareness of your business to a specific industry that helps to get backlinks & business verification. Fill the complete details of your real estate business by finding the list of directories so clients can find you.

Build your Broken Links

It works as wings that help to fly your business. Building broken links of your website is something to find broken links from the various tools and get that fix by redirecting.

Content Optimization

Content is the most important factor as all drives for precise and informative content. The audience will come if they find something good and helpful content they are looking for. Writing unique and quality content needs so much of research, analysis, comparison, and more.

Content optimization plays a crucial role when your website is not getting enough traffic. Here are some points that you need to consider for optimizing your content

  • Mention all targeted keywords in subheaders.
  • Start with the high ranking keyword in the content.
  • Must include one focus keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Write an attractive headline with the focus keyword.
  • Titles and subtitles should be with H1, H2, H3 meta tags.
  • ALT attributes for images with relevant keywords.
  • Add meta description that describes the content including keywords.
  • Write in-depth & useful content around 1000 words or more.
  • Add external reference links wherever required.
  • Place keywords naturally not forcefully in the content.

Schema Markup

A code that you need to add on the website for schema markup to help search engines understand what the piece of text is for relevant information to the users. It will help to get visible in google as a rich snippet and get your data in a structured way.

Real Estate Social Media Ideas

  • Share USP. The unique selling point that makes you different from competitors.
  • Show some business-relevant knowledgeable content to the audience.
  • Create social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Add 360 view images or videos in posts.
  • Add some social media posts with infographics or content.
  • You can participate in real estate groups on social media.
  • Do location-based targeting
  • Do keyword targeting on twitter and use Facebook Messenger chatbots


As we go through the research and come with all possible outcomes, we came to know the importance of real estate SEO in SERP. You will not have the exact outcome with some old real estate SEO methodology that may lack to fulfill the website purpose. Find your competitors step by analysis and a step ahead with all above mention SEO tips to build a strong SEO.

I hope this article helps you to get all the necessary steps if not taken yet for your real estate SEO marketing. You can implement the above strategies for your real estate business or can contact us.

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