How to improve your web design and development in 2020?


Website is your first impression that the audience goes through within 5 seconds of the landing page.

Here is the way to show your visitors the way you determine services for them. In my experience, your website should be creative, relevant, comfortable, and attractive at the same time. So, visitors satisfy and easily find the solution for their requirements through compelling content, images, and easy navigation to move.

One should be clear that a business website can’t merely achieve the desired customers with only information or solely development aspects. Here is the time to hire dedicated developers that facilitate every aspect of web development.

It needs to have a design that feeds into your website’s user experience, functionality, and our dedicated web designers help you to get appropriate design and full content website.

In 2020, we believe there will be bold colours with minimalist designs and intuitive UI all geared towards making the UX smoother and more seamless.

1. Minimalistic Design: 

Designing plays a crucial role in developing a website with various design elements that makes your brand stands out in the competition.  

Our well-versed UI/UX designers understand the requirements before starting with designing to have the desired outcome. It helps you to get an idea for how your website will look like as per desire. 

The minimal and relevant design makes your site smart and attractive that includes using standard colours, fonts, eye catchy, and more. Use can also choose a dark mode as per the product preference to standing out with colours and unique design.  

It ultimately helps to enhance visual ergonomics and reduces eye strain. In my opinion, to go with the dark mode is more preferable as it also goes with the latest trend than having white space.

2. Bold Colours: 

Bold colours will hold an audience for little more as colour choices have been an increasing trend. Yes, website colours create attention and improve the impression on visitors, so choose it wisely.   

In general, designing part has not been taken seriously, but believe me, conversations rates are improved with proper colour selection, font, attractive theme, and other designing aspects.  

Bold colours stand apart in competition and help to create a mindset among users with a specific mood.

3. Dynamic Content:  

Content is the king, as we all know. But useful and unique content is the essential part of the website that helps the user to understand and relate with the product and services.

Dynamic content will leave an impact on users mind to revise it well and assist in getting the attention of the target audience. 

With my years of research, I found mobile internet usage was 48.2% in the year 2018, and you won’t believe, but 75% of users dint scroll past the first page.

4. Smart Videos:  

With the fast-moving technology and digitalization world, GIFs and videos are essential and proves best to hold consumer interest. Video information is much appealing and easy to grab as compare to text.

You can put all bite-sized information in the visual format and can add to your content pages.

High-quality and planned video with unique content helps to boost conversations by more visitors, and chances of sharing the video increases. Yes, it gives a lot more opportunity for a closed door.

5. Mobile-First Website Design :  

There is no reason for not making a mobile-friendly designing. The mobile-first approach is the action of the ongoing growth of mobile traffic. Yes, research proved that last year, more than half of all web traffic came from mobile devices.

As a result, we all know Google came with a mobile-first indexing development. And it uses the mobile version of the website to determine the web page rank and quality of the page.

Further, by 2025, nearly 73% of all internet traffic is expected to come from mobile devices. Your business websites must be mobile responsive and can easily navigate with any of the devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

Mobile-first design helps to improve several image aspects by creating innovative images that support the mobile design and helps to show your content with ease.

6. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): 

We all love to see AR-based content, and VR is like a new common for games, informative videos, and more. AR is everywhere these days, and it’s becoming available with latest designing and experienced AR developers are the organizations’ assets.

Hold on AR/VR technology is such a big advantage over competitors this that improves more your website searching and enhance the browsing experience. Business insider researched report says that the collective market of AR and VR technology will grow to $215 billion by 2021.

And as per latest news, VR web designers can now upload 360-degree videos with compatible plugins to the websites. Isn’t it useful?

7. Push Notifications: 

Amongst other important features, the push notifications are must to have in your website.  

One of the statistics shows that a smartphone device user receives 46 app push notifications per day. Woohooo!  

Online marketing and promotions are the crucial part here, but how don’t want to know much about favourite brands and stuff. To be updated in terms of technology and services is the most happening thing among such. That helps such to get our useful things on time.  

Puch notification as one of the best ways to get benefits to reach a wider audience and vice a versa Customers can shop as per their preference.  

If you are planning to engage your customers, this is your go-to aspect by making events, discounts, giveaways, contests, and more.   

Leverage the direct communication link between your brand and customers.  

Take away

Customers are the key for a successful business so remember, always develop by keeping end-user and business aspects in mind. Website development is not at all an easy task if you want to feature most of the useful elements. But if you hire dedicated developers in India, you will achieve the desired outcome along with more vision to your brand.

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